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Hot and Cold Running Whinges

“Why is it,” I have muttered for many years, “that we still have so many hand-basins with two spouts – one hot and one cold! It’s 2006! Surely, we have mastered the technology by now to have two taps leading to one spout? We shouldn’t have to choose between running scalding hot or freezing cold water over our hands. Instead, we should be able to choose a pleasant mixture of body-temperature warm water.”


PC Power Prediction

In 1999, the PC I used had required a 200W power supply.
In 2005, the PC I used had required a 380W power supply.

Making some simple assumptions, I was soon able to plot the graph and make a prediction.


Product Placement Prediction

I want to go on the record with a prediction.

Within 5 years, the first Australian TV station will realise that they are missing an opportunity for product placement.


It’s For You!

Now, girls and boys, if you are all sitting comfortably, I will tell you a story from a long, long time ago. This was an age before mobile phones! This was an age before message waiting lights. This was an age before the PABX knew your name! This is a story about an old corporate phone system I used to use.


OddThinking Hiatus

OddThinking will be operating on a skeleton staff for about a month. During this time, there will be fewer articles than usual. I will also not be responding to comments very rapidly, so you should notice no change in service levels there. Very occasionally, spam sneaks through the Spam Karma spam filters. I was worried […]


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I’m a Self-Hater, and I Can Prove It

Late one night, I pondered my life, logically.

I didn’t much like what I proved.