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Crossing the line

When you are a kid, making art is the only job that you can do to pay your way. Colouring-in is the closest you have to real responsibility.


EmailShroud 2.2 is now available

With XHTML validity, new JavaScript, better caching and the first new palindromic version number since 1.0.1.

Click on the EmailShroud 2.2 link on the menu on the left, or go the long way round.


A Christmas Tradition

It was a tough bet to accept. At that age, a dollar was a lot of money for me. I was going to have to make some sacrifices, scrimping for the first five years until the debt was paid, but then I was going to be on Easy Street, collecting twenty cents a year, every year, for virtually no effort.


Virus 2: A Puzzle

Virus 2 is a flash game with a disturbing name, but quite simple game-play.

I set out to solve it under some arbitrary constraints.


iTunes and I

I hadn’t used iTunes for a while, so I decide to give it another go and use it to play a couple of tracks.

The result involves some swearing.


Shuffling and Ownage

In which Jeff Atwood dismisses my experience as “na├»ve”…


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Why are different drinks packaged differently?

If we stare at this long enough, will a reason become apparent?

Glass Bottle Plastic Bottle Classic Cardboard Carton (Gable Top) Brick Tetra Pak
Juice Available Available Available Available
Plain Milk No longer available Available Available Available, in some countries
Flavoured Milk Available Available
Long-Life Milk Available
Water Available Available

Any ideas? Is it very country-specific?