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Hashes To Detect Resized Images

So, I have lots of photos, and some are duplicated on several web-sites, with no reference to the original source. I want to detect matches, so I can move them (and their associated meta-data) all to a single yet-to-be-determined destination.

But here’s the snag. Some of the photos have been made into different sizes and qualities for web-viewing. It would save me time if I could automatically detect this. I need an equivalent to SoundEx that works on images, so images have the same hash even if they are resized.

How would you do that? If you answered “Google it, and find what the standard solution is”, you might be smarter than me. This article is about what I did instead.


Chemical Word Ladders

In which Julian stumbles over the concept of Chemical Word Ladders, and proceeds to generate them.


Online Photo DB: Stage 4g – Evaluation of SmugMug

Which requirements does SmugMug meet?


Online Photo DB: Stage 4f – Evaluation of Zooomr

Which requirements does Zooomr meet?


Online Photo DB: Stage 4e – Evaluation of BeenUp2.com

Free Beer from Google = Brewgle?

In which Julian offers free* beer at the first OddThinking Meet Up in Sydney, sponsored by our good friends at Google.

* That’s not free as in freedom, it is free as in beer!


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DVDs Are Forever?

M looks grim, in his wood-panelled London office. “Bond, this is serious. SPECTRE have one of our key scientists kidnapped. They want ten of our secret programs mailed to them from around the world. For each program that fails to arrive, they will chop off one of his fingers, before he is released. He needs […]