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The 2008 Big Clean-Off

What is the best cleaning solution for glass in my bathroom? No, seriously!

I take a science geek view.


Long-Handled Surface Cleaning System: A Review

One of the downsides of not having an salary is that my high-tech gadget purchases have to be heavily curtailed. That doesn’t mean I have to give up on gadget reviews entirely… I just need to adjust my expectations. One of the errands I ran the other day was to visit the company that was […]


Unicycling Limbo

I had never played Unicycling Limbo before. I had never seen it played. I had never heard of it being played. It was, however, the perfect game for the occasion.


How I Lied to an Innocent Child

Dear T-,

Thank you for your postcard. It was very nice to read it.

On Saturday, I helped to make a movie about monsters.


Example of Ambiguity in Circuit Puzzle

I unnecessarily answer the ambiguity issue in the Circuit Puzzle, in living colour.


Solving the Circuit Game

Another puzzle solved with the same architecture as before, but this time, with added code re-use.


I Can’t See You, CUA

I have wanted to complete my migration from CUA to Bendigo Bank for some time. In fact, it was two-and-a-half years ago that I complained that my local Credit Union Australia (CUA) branch had closed, and that I was assessing Bendigo Bank as a replacement. To close my CUA account, I think I have to […]


The Circuit Game Puzzle

In this article, I introduce another puzzle game, talk about some variations that are possible, provide a glossary (and then fail to use it, for now), discuss how the puzzle is solved, and then promise more in a future article.


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Animal Fight: A Question about OO & MVC

I have a Object-Orientation question, related to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. I suspect it will have a simple “here is the idiom everyone uses for this situation” type answer, but I haven’t found it. Here’s a fictional piece of software that demonstrates my problem.


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T-shirts, Quilts and Stools: Why I haven’t posted much.

I talk about why I have been quiet on the blog, what I have been up to, and foreshadow a couple of ideas which might turn into articles in the future.