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Denmark Accord

Mr. World, our teacher, divided our class into groups and gave us a difficult assignment to do. Some project about climate or something. He warned us it was worth a large part of our assessment.

So we all agreed to meet at Denmark’s house (Man, that took a while to organise; most of the term was already done by the time we did.) We started divvying up the work – there was a lot of studying to do – and that’s when the arguments started.


Blu Tack Shelf-Life and Stickiness

I have some learned some things this week about Blu Tack.


Happy 500th Post, OddThinking!

This is the 500th post of OddThinking.

Sometimes big numbers like these are difficult to grasp, so I like to put them into perspective.


On The Marriage Act (1961)

When I say I am against the Australian Government extending the Marriage Act to allow for marriage between same-sex couples, it isn’t for the reasons given by the religious, trying to protect society from what they see as an abomination.

It is because I want the Government to repeal the entire Marriage Act, and get their nose out of things that are none of their affair!