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Win and Placebo II

Further study into placebos leads to some surprising findings.


Playing Sharps and Flats Naturally

One of the many reasons I have been quiet recently is I am working on a personal project – an amateur stop-motion video. The final product will appear to be a large group of my friends playing music in an orchestra. The raw material I have is dozens of sets of still photos of my friends pretending to play instruments in front of a green-screen. Each set has about 10 photos of the person playing the instrument.

I am working on an interesting challenge, and I thought that I might benefit if I wrote it out as a blog article to force me to think it through.


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Bad Design Ruined my Lunch

Bad design #1 Someone installed a smoke-alarm on my kitchen ceiling. It means it has false alarms when I am frying, unless it is well vented. Bad design #2 Once smoke-alarm it is going, the only way to shut it up is to get a ladder and remove the battery or to get a fan […]


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