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In my very first job, I was asked to fill in a paper form to allow a secretary to type up an internal resume that could be pushed around to clients to get contracting gigs.

Paper forms? Secretaries? Hey, it was a long time ago – even before the iPhone 1. Hell, it was before the Newton was released.

When I proofread the resume, I found that she had misread my handwritten ‘C++ experience’ (a programming language) as ‘C# experience’ (at the time, meaningless gibberish). I sent back a correction.

Then, in 2000, Microsoft released a new language: C#.

In 2003, I was kicking myself. If I hadn’t made that correction, I would be bragging about over a decade of C# experience. I would be *so* employable when everyone else was maxing out at three years and my actual resume didn’t mention it at all.

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