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I have noticed my latest favourite word is “conflating“.

“Oh no!” I hear myself exclaim, “You are conflating two completely separate concepts.”

Trouble is, I am using it where I would normally use the simpler, clearer verb “confusing”.

So not only am I confusing people with “conflating” but I am conflating “confusing” and “conflating” in a confusing way.

No, wait… perhaps I mean “confounding“.


  1. “Conflate” is a great word to use when you’re losing an argument.

  2. I don’t think you’re conflating “confusing” and “conflating” because you’re not attempting to combine the two terms. Instead you seem to understand and acknowledge the distinction between them.

  3. Alan,

    No wonder I am using the term so frequently!


    Somehow your perfectly accurate correction just goes to accentuate my point.

  4. I think you’re just bloviating.

  5. Since this is on the web, would that make it “blogviating”?

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